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Share, Express, pulse Live Simple, Live Plenny. Define Sucess Life is Simple, keep it like that. Flow with the river, get surpriced by the unknown
your adventures in a Magazine
get inmmerse in the current

Frome is a river in rural U.K. and the word means fair, fine or brisk, we choose to name our Magazine after this river because like a river's flow we live, move and exist in constant renewal.

Our articles here are written for adventurous and excited people who enjoy the simple existence with mother earth and they want to share their exploration with you.

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As a Writer your stories are put together in a Magazine format, where you edit your own column to share your thoughts and media, pictures videos and more in different art formats to express your explorations and share your experiences in the adventure that you dare to live.

Keep your readers comments updated on your publications.

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The columns writers can share from our plataform to different Social Media, and automaticaly create Albums or share parts of the stories for each column publication

Using the Column administration is possible to create an article on the go, at the same moment you are living your experience, share it live or share it when it get completed at the end or publish them on a scheduled.

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State of the art
9.27.2020 - Design to express

convey your thoughts or feelings in words or by graphic images and videos. even when many plataforms gives the way to share your opinion, our focus is to provide a plataform where you can do it in an artistic way

Our tools to edit your column provide the oportunity to print your unique way to communicate with your readers .

away from the noice of a city life, with all the technology, but focusing in the essential.